CurveSnap – Image curve extractor (24,559 views)


download CurveSnap V1.1 (4895)

The codes is put on github on 2014/5/3

The author is sorry that the codes have few comments

For bugs and advice, please add new issue in

The following tutorial is from V1.0, while the current V1.1 is sightly different on output control. Please refer to the updated pdf tutorial file in the package.

1 Capture curve from screen – A first example

2 Choose curve by connectivity

3 Copy the data

4 Open existed image – A second example

5 Calibration

6 Erase to make curve isolated

7 Choose data points by dragging a rectangle

8 Choose curve by its color

If the desired data curve is colored, then Choose by Color is recommended.

9 Warning

Currently this tool have large error when the curve becomes a vertical line, especially in peaks and valleys, since the algorithm is designed to average in the vertical direction. For example:

Thanks Fernando for this bug feedback

15 Responses to CurveSnap – Image curve extractor

  1. Reply Insuk says:

    I’m finding a program which can extract (x,y) data from a scaned image showing a line.
    Curvesnap is exactly what I want. It is very easy to use. Thank you.

  2. Reply Aggrey says:

    This is a very wonderful too. Thanks alot

  3. Reply Axel P. von Bertoldi says:

    The program worked better than expected, and it has a few nice tricks (like the option to select line by pixels or linearly spaced) and I’ve must say, it also works flawlessly with Wine.

  4. Reply Afaf says:

    well done :-)

  5. Reply daan says:

    Great stuff and very useful! Thanks so much.
    Would be even better if semilog en log-log options were available

  6. Reply Luis says:

    It works great. Just follow the instructions above and kazammm ;-)
    It was a great help in chart analisys

  7. Reply Abhilash says:

    Any way in which I can extract the values from an image file into microsoft excel file?
    Thanks in advance

  8. Reply supriya says:

    the graph origin is (0,0) but the y axis starts from val 80 upto 100 with a step of 5,so how do i fix the calibration point on y axis?,coz (0,100) doesnt seem to give right coordinate valuessupriya

  9. Reply Marcos says:

    Is the source code available? Really nice piece of software, 10/10, but I would like to adjust some functions to my needs if possible.

  10. Reply saiful says:

    Thanks a lot man. i should have found this sooner.. this really have save me. Well done, 5 stars thank you so much.

  11. Reply Tak says:

    I only wanted to thank you for this little very very very good-job and I hope a very good time to you.
    I used this app and it was a life saver.
    Thank you again

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